Considering Cremation Services

Today, many people choose cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. A typical cremation funeral service is a blend of religious ritual, community tradition, and a desire to memorialize the individual. At Mt. Pleasant Crematory, managed by Mt. Pleasant Cemetery of Center Moriches, we provide families who seek cremation with the same variety of choices that accompany a traditional burial. We work with and support a variety funeral homes located throughout Long Island. All with the aim of providing people with a respectful and thoughtful service.

Our Cremation Services

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery is pleased to offer a choice of services before and after the cremation takes place. We provide several cremation service options including:

  • Viewing of the Cremation
  • Memorial or Prayer Services

If you would like more information about our cremation services, please reach out to us today. To speak to someone in our office, call (631) 878-0482. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have surrounding our cremation services and/or cremation center. Our primary aim is to make this process go as smoothly as possible. Consider the cost of the service before moving forward. And of course we can discuss the prices with you. We want to make this as affordable as possible.

Our Prices