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Mt. Pleasant Crematory offers residents across Suffolk County, Long Island with a quality and reliable crematorium, as well as affordable cremation services. A crematorium, which is also known as a crematory or cremator, is a machine in which people's remains are burned down, eliminating all the soft tissue of the body. Crematories are most commonly located in funeral homes, cemeteries, chapels, but can also be a stand-alone facility. The actual building or facility that houses the crematory units is called a crematorium. We have a state-of-the-art crematory on our premises and treat your loved one with the utmost care and attention you deserve during this difficult time.

So please, do not hesitate to reach out when you are looking for crematorium in Suffolk County. The number to call is 631-878-0482. When you call, we can provide you with all the cremation options at your disposal.

History Spanning Crematoriums

Long before the advent of the modern cremation, the Stone Age, which is around 3000 BC, saw a more crude form of the process. The cremation process then began to spread around Europe and the Near East and eventually moved to the British Isles, Spain and Portugal during the Bronze Age. Later on, around the year 1000 BC, the Greeks used cremation as an integral part of their burial custom. It actually became their usual form for disposing of bodies, since it subdued any illnesses and was a quicker process than burying the bodies. The idea of the crematorium was beginning to take shape around the planet.

After Greece, the Romans adopted the method, where it also became their primary method of getting rid of the deceased. During the Roman Empire, the remains were turned into elaborate urns and placed within columbariums. However, by around the year 400, earth burial took its place back ahead of cremations in many places throughout Europe and it wasn't until the dawn of the modern cremation for this process to take hold again in culture. So the crematorium has been an idea held by many throughout the ages.

The Modern Crematorium

The modern cremation process did not begin in our Suffolk County crematorium. Inklings of a crematorium sprouted up all the way back in the 1870s. However, the overarching process of cremation was done long before that. With diseases growing across Europe, it was much more sanitary to burn bodies through cremation as opposed to burying them in the ground. The process of cremations became much more viable once all the modern innovations of the Industrial Revolution began. This meant that cremations no longer needed to only occur outside, as machines were built inside to take care of this process. Thus the advent of the modern crematorium. The whole idea of cremations as a method of body disposal was presented as an idea "in the name of public health and civilization." So, the more modern innovations around the Industrial Revolution made the process much more hygienic and clean.

The differentiation between modern cremation and the cremation that occurred previously is where and how it took place. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, cremations typically took place on an outdoor pyre. Firewood, and sometimes even coal, were the available fuel options. These are low-efficiency processes, so cremation itself was not a popular option. This was especially true in densely populated, urban areas, since this was a long process that occurred outdoors. It was not an ideal place for the process. But this process became more popular once it was able to be done indoors within the confines of a crematorium.

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At Mt. Pleasant Crematory, we strive to provide you with the best cremation services at affordable prices. Our premises are located in beautiful Center Moriches, in Eastern Suffolk County. If you are interested in our cremation services for your loved one, please reach out to us today. To speak to our offices, the number to call is (631) 878-0482. We will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding our Long Island crematorium. We have years of experience in the field and provide reliable and respectful cremations in honor of your loved one. We hope to warmly accommodate you with any of your needs.